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Sepas Group was formed by a number of Iranian queers who wanted to recognize and highlight Iranian queer's art, culture, activism and also thank Iranian queer alliances for their contribution to the cause.


Purpose of the Award and General Guidelines

The Sepas Award honours an Iranian individual or an organization whose work has needed an appreciation toward securing the full enjoyment of the culture and human rights of Iranian queer communities and motivate others to get involved and be proud.

The award candidates will be announce every year on August 30th in commemorates Saviz Shafaeis birthday, the first Iranian gay activist who died in 2000 by cancer. The award recipients will be announce every year during the Iranian Queer Voice Celebration week. 

With the Sepas Award, we seeks to publicly recognize the courage and activism of grassroots queer groups and individuals working under the most challenging conditions in pursuit of human rights for queers irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. We seek nominations for organizations and individuals from all regions of the world and from as wide a range of communities as possible who is supporting Iranian queers.


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